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so whered you say these hos are at?

"so where'd you say these ho's are at?"

If you don’t know, I dj and have been doing it for several years. I was against the digital dj at first, but with an open mind, I tried Serato Scratch program. I was impressed. To be able to have 1000’s of songs at your finger tips is sweet. Plus it allows you to beat match and scratch. When I have a gig, I’ll usually spend some time on Itunes or even myspace for whats new and “hot.” Which brings me to my point. I saw that Ludacris had a new album out. I forgot the name, but I didn’t forget my favorite track on the album, MV-muthafuckin P. God damn this shit is hot. Its almost as good as Nas is like. Ludacris thoroughly represented on this track. My favrite line is “Hennesy is my remedy, takin shots like Kennedy.” Oh no you didn’t! He also made a good point in the song to mention, “The first Southern Rapper on a Premier beat.” To my knowledge, this is true. I can’t understand why more Southern Rappers haven’t reach out to Primo? Could you imagine Outkast or Scarface, or even a Paul Wall on a Premier beat? Serious shit going on there. East Coast Rappers have done the southern thing with Lil’ Jon. Mobb Deep, Bravehearts, but only to luke warm appeal. So please, if by chance Outkast you are reading this, get on that. Spaghetti junction was hot. Give Premier a call and do hip hop and me a favor.1


peace, love, and dope beats


Why I hate Christmas

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f*ck christmas

f*ck christmas

On this joyous day of the year, I’d rather be off on my own. I hate being a downer and I never want anyone’s sympathy. Give me a nice bottle of whiskey or vodka, a stack of dvd’s and some take out and I’m good. I do have family and yes I love them, but I just don’t get or buy into the Christmas thing. Maybe after years of being broke and having to work the spirit has just left me? Shit, I even tried watching “The Elf” several times to possible recharge my Christmas spirit. Could it be that I am just a miserable prick? Good chance, but not definite.


This year I’m headed to the great state of Wisconsin to see my sister and her family. It’ll be good to see the kids and my big sis. As much of an asshole I can be, kids are my soft spot. And I’m sure big sis will have plenty of “Christmas Cheer.” So, if you love Christmas, god blees. For me, fuck it. Bah humbug , Mr.Grinch, whatever. Thanksgiving rules!

Nas Is Like

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One of my all time favorit beats by Dj Premier is Nas is Like. Here is a litte beat round of how a classic came together.

Shout outs to Paul Rosenberg and Brooklyn Bodega for this.

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stonesthrow.comWhen I do have some down time, I like to browse Hip Hop websites and for new music and just see whats going on in the world of hip hop.. One website that stands above most of them is

 WWW.stonesthrow.Com. Home to artists Peanut butter Wolf, Madlib(one of my favorite beat makers), and the late J Dilla(another favorite). No need to get into a bio and all of that, I’m here to talk about the web site. A Few things that stand out about the site is the easy navigation, the quality of the audio samples, and the high grade photos. When previewing a song or track, there’s no need to download anything. It will stream right on the page. I’m not the most computer savvy so when I’m looking for whats new in the Stone’s Throw world its all right in front of you. All the artists are listed in the pull down menu. They also have a search engine to find anything related to Stone’s Throw and their artists. For all you fashion concuss hip hoppers, there’s t-shirts available. Designs are pretty dope and the prices are some what reasonable(25 bones is my limit).


So all in all is a great website through and through. So if you can a chance check peep the site.

peace,love and dope beats.


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Too Broke for hip hop?

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broke again


T-shirts $30-$60 dollars! Jeans $100-$300 dollars! God lord! Than you need the fly Jordans to match. What the fuck is going on? I though  George W. said there was a recession going on? I guess Kanye and the rest of these guess didn’t get the memo. I’m not hating on Kanye, or his style, I just can keep up with “being fresh” anymore. I make a decent living. My apartment is fairly “fly.” I guess to hip hop standards, I’m a “bum ass dresser.” I always wonder where 16-18 year olds got the money to afford all the new gear. Maybe they have rich parents? Maybe McDonald’s is hiring at 15 dollars an hour? But when I was 15  slanging friend chicken at Roy Rogers, I still couldn’t afford Jordans. I can always tell what style of hip hop or rapper is hot by just looking at what the kids are wearing. By the looks of things, The Cool Kids and Lupe Fiasco are hot right now. Should I detour from listening to these guys because I’ll never fit in skinny jeans?(not a good look) . No, I’m not saying that. I’m just waring them not to fall victims of the past. The majority of rappers in this new style of rap/hip hop music, “swagger”, are talented. Some even have a good message behind it. I’d just hate to see them end up like Mase or Loon. Style over content never worked.  Sticking to the basics has always worked. They even help rappers survive the times(Nas, Gangstarr, Boot Camp).

Where am I going with this? There’s nothing wrong with rolling to Fulton Street mall with 50 bucks and coming out with a bunch of white tees(just make sure they fit) and a pair of no name jeans or Dickies. While the 50 dollar neon shirt from some underground clothing company is hot now, it’ll be a gym shirt or dusk rag in two years. But honestly, are those tight jeans really comfortable? I just hate seeing your junk is all. Shout outs to Big Pun and Biggie.

“Got no clothes so I can’t go out, Bought new clothes, got no money so I can’t go out. That’s the bull shit.”

sean price.

peace, love and dope beats.


Below is a great explanation and will give you more insight on “Swagger Rap”


Ruste Juxx Free Mixtape

Ruste Juxx Free Mixtape

Free Mixtape. Get it now. Rustee Jux from Boot Camp Click.


We mean business

We mean business

Well, I had now idea this was happening. But to my pleasant surprise there it was on the main page of, EPMD, the new album We Mean Business. I always loved how they incorporated Business in all of the album titles.  Another thing I loved about these goes were their beats. They consistently had quality beats behind them. My favorite track was “The head banger.” Redman killed that track. Now listen to the new single ‘Listen Up” featuring Teddy Riley. Its got that west coast G-Funk feel to it with the classic east coast boom-bat flavor.  They didn’t fall victim and feel the need to put T-Pain to have a hit single. Props to Teddy Riley. Dude is still killing it. “Listen Up” is a feel good track that can be played out at any club or kickin it old school and bumpin it in your jeep. Also, from just what I heard form the sampler, We Mean Business, should be a great album from start to finish. From cameos from  Veterans Havoc(“What you talking”my favorite track), Raekwon, and Redman, to new comer Skyzoo. So cop that shit December 9th on itunes,, or wherever you get it. Peace, love and dope beats.



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