Posted: December 9, 2008 in hip hop, Uncategorized

stonesthrow.comWhen I do have some down time, I like to browse Hip Hop websites and for new music and just see whats going on in the world of hip hop.. One website that stands above most of them is

 WWW.stonesthrow.Com. Home to artists Peanut butter Wolf, Madlib(one of my favorite beat makers), and the late J Dilla(another favorite). No need to get into a bio and all of that, I’m here to talk about the web site. A Few things that stand out about the site is the easy navigation, the quality of the audio samples, and the high grade photos. When previewing a song or track, there’s no need to download anything. It will stream right on the page. I’m not the most computer savvy so when I’m looking for whats new in the Stone’s Throw world its all right in front of you. All the artists are listed in the pull down menu. They also have a search engine to find anything related to Stone’s Throw and their artists. For all you fashion concuss hip hoppers, there’s t-shirts available. Designs are pretty dope and the prices are some what reasonable(25 bones is my limit).


So all in all is a great website through and through. So if you can a chance check peep the site.

peace,love and dope beats.


stones throw can be found at:

you can add me at:

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