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Red Clay – Rugged Soul

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

redclayWhats going on people? Well, I just finished up mastering the new Red Clay album “Rugged Soul.” In all honesty it was a great experience for me. I had to met Baron of Red Clay through my good homie T.R.A.C., and it seemed like a good fit. Both Baron and I felt a need to bring sound quality to hip hop. Nowadays everything seems to be compressed, just to be loud and than gets squashed even more to mp3. So after various different mixes, we got the album sounding the way he wanted to. FYI, Baron has some serious ears going on. This album should not be slept on. Guest production by Marco Polo and Ayatollah. Guest M.C.’s Pumpkin Head and Hasan Salaam. The album also includes long hours, hard work, and dedication.You’ll just to have to hear for yourself. I’m certainly proud of it. Peep the link below for the MJ tribute.