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Yes, this is a blog geared towards hip hop and hip hop culture, but like any music lover, if you hear some good music, you want people to know about it. This is where I’m at with Only Living Boy. They are a 3 piece band from NJ. Groovy, unique and talented are just a few words to describe them. I pretty much just stumbled upon them and it was love at first listen. They pretty much could mesh with any genre of music, including hip hop.  In a time where skinny jeans and hipsters rule,  Only Living Boy is a breath of fresh air that gives  life to a scene that seems stagnate and boring. A lot of bands have no “balls” and play too timidly with no aggression.

My beef with most bands that I see in New Jersey is that they are “too cool”, they have no stage presence, and they act like they are doing you a favor by performing after you just paid a 10 dollar cover. That is where Only Living Boy broke the mold, creating soulful riffs with talented song writing with out coming off watered down and cheesy. When I have seen them perform live, they genuinely seem to enjoy playing and performing to a crowd, playing each set like it’s their last.  Enough of my rambling. Go find out for yourself. I’ll put money on it that you’ll dig this guys.

ps Their Manger Joe Chyb is pretty fucking cool too. ( for bookings)

Re-kon’s favorite tracks:

Lonely Puppy Blues

Sunny Day Man

Hide Nothing

Demon shuffle

Only Living Boy is:

Joe Cirotti- Guitar/Vocals

Eric Curley- Bass/Backing Vocals

Trevor Newcomb- Drums

Support local music!  WWW.ONLYLIVINGBOY.COM

DSki 1 – Arizona to New Jersey

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Artwork

I just wanted to throw up some artwork by my partner in crime and co-classick material creator, DSki 1. Dude is on a serious grind right now making beautiful pieces, which are for sale. So check’em out, re-post and share with your friends. If you are interested in purchasing some work click “HERE” to contact him. We also have Milk One t-shirts in the works, so stay tuned.


Dinner At The Thompson’s, the French-American duo of songstress Lucille Tee and producer/multi-instrumentalist Fablive, is excited to release “It All Began,” the latest single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Off The Grid, which will be released on May 17th via Earth At Work Records. The new single is a funk-fueled groove with a strong bass line and some quirky instrumental samples, including a mix of brass and muffled electric keys, that serve as the perfect compliment for the song’s weaving tales of seedy underworld characters courtesy of Lucille’s strong story-telling.
Complimenting the song, director Guillaume Cosson filmed the video as a sequence shot, an uninterrupted weaving of shots that streams its way throughout the video, pulling the viewer further in with each new development. And as impressive as the video is — which is to say, very; YouTube’s Music Page will be featuring the video this Friday — the super catchy hook, driven by Lucille’s infectious vocals, is just as memorable, making this latest single from Dinner At The Thompson’s a true standout.
Download the new single here

Watch the video for “It All Began” here. Also, be sure to check out YouTube’s Music page this Friday, where it will be the site’s featured video:

The time has come. Grab a 40oz, bottle of Whiskey, or whatever your be drankin on because Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 is here. To celebrate this joyous occasion, the guys over at Fat Beats, I mean brown bag decided to have a party. Guess what? You are invited. This Saturday, May 21st is the date. 92Y Tribeca is the place to be. The line up includes Dj Brace(reppin Canada), Torae, O.G. Dj Evil Dee, and Ready Cee. Come out and support. It’ll be a good time. Check the event out on Facebook(click HERE).

Also check the video of Solo For Dolo at his first Brown Bag Thursday

The current state of hip-hop in NYC is “corny,” according to Queens, New York native DJ JS-1 – and he’s here to rectify the situation. With the help of fellow New York MCs Lil Fame of M.O.P., Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse and Freddie Foxxx (aka Bumpy Knuckles), JS-1 is excited to release “Reppin’ NY,” the new street single from his upcoming album, No One Cares, which will be released June 21st on Fat Beats Records. “It’s been sad watching New York artists trying desperately to make ‘down-south’ music, using corny beats and biting slang,” says JS-1. “So while no New York DJs are even making albums, let alone New York hip-hop, we decided to let everyone know, ‘we’re the realest right now reppin’ NY.'”

JS-1 keeps it classic with an authentic, bass-tastic, scratch-heavy, take-no-prisoners production on “Reppin’ NY.” Add three of the most desirable MCs in the game, and you get a song that would make any loyalist proud. “Working with Freddie Foxxx and Lil Fame for the first time was such a treat. I have always loved, felt, and spun their music from day one,” says JS-1, who called up legendary DJ Premier to connect him with those MCs. “Joell is really dope and the ‘the new hope’ for NY artists still doing hardcore music,” he adds. “To work with all three of them and get them on the same song, especially in these days and times – it’s an honor.” JS-1 wants “Reppin’ NY” to be an impetus for NY artists to step up their game, and a cease and desist order for imitation MCs. “It’s cute to follow trends and make songs trying to fit in the current radio format, but we don’t do that shit,” says JS. “You don’t have to make crap to do well.”

DJ JS-1’s No One Cares will be available for purchase on June 21st on Fat Beats Records.

Download DJ JS-1’s “Reppin’ NY” for free here.

On Thursday May 12th The Audible Doctor will release the Vocal Version of The Spread EP. For those that missed it, The Spread EP is an instrumental project consisting of 7 beats released as a free download with the idea that anyone could download the instrumentals, record to them as they like and then send their songs to THESPREADEP@GMAIL.COM for an opportunity to have their song released by The Audible Doctor as the Vocal Version of the EP. The winners of the have been picked and the Vocal Version is here (with 2 bonus remixes).

Audible Doctor Feat. June Haze “Church Night Remix”
Download “Church Night Remix” HERE

There is no feeling like the first summery day after a long, arduous winter, and Kokayi’s latest single, “Summery,” is the anthem for that feeling. The Grammy-nominated Washington D.C. native has been shining brightly as a multi-faceted musician since he debuted in 2007 with Mass Instructions, with side projects ranging from recording tracks for ESPN with Stalley to becoming an in-house producer for QN5 Music. His last album, Robots & Dinosaurs, released late last year, was highly acclaimed across the board, and his video for “RoxTar” recently garnered a Freshman Five win.

Now, as Kokayi preps a remix EP for Robots & Dinosaurs, he’s releasing for the first time a song that had previously online seen release on vinyl, “Summery.” The track starts off with a “WOO!” which is the appropriate reaction to stepping outside on a warm day. “I wanted to try and capture that sunny feeling; I wanted people to pump this as they drove with the big 18’s in the trunk, so the bass knocks,” says Kokayi, citing The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff’sSummertime” and the general feeling of the coming season as main inspirations for the song. Kokayi also brought on Baltimore MC and fellow QN5 label mate Substantial and soulful songstress Tamara Wellons to complete the funky, carefree production. “Substantial is the homie; his perspective and voice always mesh well with the sonic creations I come up with,” explains Kokayi. “Tamara was a no-brainer. She is a good friend and I love the tone of her voice, it just oozes sunshine.”

Download HERE

If you’re fed up with producers who make “fake J Dilla beats” and “pop-star radio DJs” like DJ JS-1 is, the best thing to do is slap them across the face with some real boom bap sounds. So that’s exactly what the Queens, New York DJ did with his new single, “Boom Slap,” and who better to amp up the slap than two of the kings of boom bap, KRS-One and Rahzel. The respective visionaries of rapping and beat boxing join their friend JS-1 on the first leak from No One Cares, which will be released on June 21st via Fat Beats Records. “My biggest selling single to date was my first single, ‘Essentials,’ which featured KRS & Rahzel,” says JS-1. “That was on my first album, Ground Original 1 in 2002. With this album being Ground Original 3 and the final installment of that series, I wanted to close out with a KRS & Rahzel track.”

Since his start in the early 90’s, DJ JS-1 has witnessed hip-hop evolve over the years, and “Boom Slap” explains exactly how he feels about hip-hop in 2011. “I’m all about boom bap, regardless of how some of these new-jacks feel,” explains the DJ/producer. “There are tons of people making pretty music, and that’s nice for an R&B group, but we make that boom bap that slaps you when you hear it.” This song does just that, as JS-1’s hard-hitting beat serves as the foundation for Rahzel’s background vocals and patented vocal scratches, while KRS verbally assaults the beat with his unmistakable flow. “The style of hip hop we create is not going anywhere,” says JS-1. “People can say what they want – make what they want – but this style will always be here. Forever, and ever, we will be here forever…”

DJ JS-1’s No One Cares will be available for purchase on June 21st on Fat Beats Records.

Download DJ JS-1’s “Boom Slap” for free here

So its official!

The Brown Bag AllStars’ “Brown Bag Season Vol. 1” Double-CD project drops 5.17. The 2nd disc consists of all remixes by Juno Award Winning producer / Canadian DMC Champion, DJ Brace.  But the best part of this soon to be released double C.D. was the mastering, done by yours truly, Re-kon Engineering.  Prepare to have your ear drums sensually  caressed. So download the single and cop the album on May 17th.

Brown Bag AllStars “In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix)” (Prod by & Cuts by DJ Brace)
Download “In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix)” HERE