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Attack Of The Pork Rinds

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
vegans be afraid

vegans be afraid

Whats up people. Thanks for checking back. If you’d like one of my past mixes, just hit me up at my myspace page. The link is at the bottom. So here’s the another installment of my mixes, “Attack Of The Pork Rinds.” Shout out to Wills Weller for the art work. The title has nothing to do with the mix at all. Me and Wills were just buggin out on photoshop and that’s what we came up with. This mix though, has some dub(shout out to Dex at and downtemp stuff. I thought I’d change it up a little and have some fun. Anyways, hope you all enjoy this as much as I did have mixing it. I got a summer time “Blud Clot” reggae mix on the way for my weed heads and reggae heads. Stay tuned for that.  Check out my online music station at : . I dive into all sorts of music, not just hip hop. For my twitter heads, check me out at:

peace, love and dope beats.


ed3Whats up people? Is there anybody out there? Anyways check out my new mix. Its like a cold glass of grape soda on a summer’s day. Enjoy

Track Listing

1. What you in it for – MED

2. Sound The Alarm – Black Milk feat. Royce The 5’9 and Guilty Simpson

3. 914 – Pete Rock feat. D-Block

4. Last Time – Royce Da 5’9 produced by 9th Wonder

5. Government Cheese- J-Live

6. Your Dayz Are Number – NYG’z

7. Lose Weight – Slick Rick prod.ALC

8. Big Deal RMX – Reef The Lost Cauze and Brother Ali

9. Way Of Life – D.I.T.C.

10.Fresh Air – Styles Infinite

11. Cross Town Beef – Medina Green

12.  ATCQ – Oh My God (Makes Me Think Of The Movie KIDS Every time)

13. The Return – Self Scientific

14. Questions – Loot Pack

Dj Soul – Big L Tribute

Posted: June 11, 2009 in hip hop

NYC’s finest has been kind enough to bless us with a Big L tribute. The best part other than the serious skills is that, (wait for it)……..its free! enjoy

A God damn shame

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I can’t believe there’s artists actually doing this! Using an artists name who has past away just to get cred. That’s a serious fail homey. Nor I, or any true hip hop fan will support your music. And to respond to Mr.Hamilton’s interview on, why did YOU removed Mr. Yancey’s name from the executive credits? I hope Guilty Simpson finds your ass. You can read Hamilton’s explanation here:

house shoes interview on

Whats going on? As, some of you might know, I do dj. But what pays my bills, its my career with Asbury Media. I work as a mastering engineer there. Asbury Media is a fast growing multi-media studio founded by one of the industries top mastering engineers, Tom Ruff. For whatever reason, Mr.Ruff has taken me under his wing to learn the art of mastering. So right now I’m constantly learning, and working on my craft. Not many people say they love what they do or even enjoy their work. But this guy right here can. You can check out some of the artists I have worked with at:


I love it when different coasts each out to each other. More and More I find Bun B working with Indie Artists. I wish more commercial artists would do it. How about a Big Boi /Madlib callabo? Never thought I’d see Bun B. and Dizzie Rascal working together. Sick!l

Enjoy. Respect to Bun B.

On the tip top of his game, Dox goes hard in this well created and produce  video by Guerrilla Team Films. You can’t help put nod your as he gracefully rides over the beat. Its definitely gives you a glimpse of great things to come from this hungry M.C.  Enough from me, watch the damn video, it speaks for itself.