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quarter water kids coming soon

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to J 57 for letting Myself and Solo For Dolo  rock a Brown Bag Thursday. As usual Solo rocked it. He also had fellow M.C., Dashah come on stage a rock their collaboration joint, “Protein Barz.” They definitely did not disappoint. I also wanted to shout out to all my friends that made it through. That shit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and side. There was just a good vibe in the air even though I was cranky because we got there late(stupid gps). Everything fell into place and the night was a success.  Finally, a special thank you to Adam Padilla and the rest of my Classick Material Family. Peep the video for “protein bars” too.

ps. Thank you Cory Shomo for the dope video


good times

the homies

"Playing Life"

Here’s a little taste from whats coming from my favorite Brown Bag AllStar m.c.’s new E.P., “Playing Life.” Hey Dyllemma, I don’t hear any synthesizers.?


E.P. Drops August 24th, 2010

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"Go ahead, make the blogs, we'll make SportsCenter,"

Richard Wright Feat. Trek Life – \”The Switch Up 2.0\” (Prod. By J.Bizness)

I’m a new comer when it comes to Trek Life, but from what I’m hearing from this guy, I really like. Also, J. Bizness comes in with the fresh production which reminded me a bit of a J Zone beat.  want to know more about Trek Life? Here you go:

peace, love and dope beats,


The pressure is on! Well, not really. I’ll be rockin a dj set at The Best Buy in Eatontown, New Jersey April 7th, 2010 from 7pm-9pm. They’re even going to set up a stage for me. A bit much if you ask me, but it makes me look important(insert lol). So, if you read this in time come check me out. Yes, I will be spinning vinyl. You already know.


ps stay tuned for upcoming shows with Solo For Dolo

Eatontown Best Buy:

50 State Route 36

Eatontown, NJ 07724

Phone: 732-389-7939


We mean business

We mean business

Well, I had now idea this was happening. But to my pleasant surprise there it was on the main page of, EPMD, the new album We Mean Business. I always loved how they incorporated Business in all of the album titles.  Another thing I loved about these goes were their beats. They consistently had quality beats behind them. My favorite track was “The head banger.” Redman killed that track. Now listen to the new single ‘Listen Up” featuring Teddy Riley. Its got that west coast G-Funk feel to it with the classic east coast boom-bat flavor.  They didn’t fall victim and feel the need to put T-Pain to have a hit single. Props to Teddy Riley. Dude is still killing it. “Listen Up” is a feel good track that can be played out at any club or kickin it old school and bumpin it in your jeep. Also, from just what I heard form the sampler, We Mean Business, should be a great album from start to finish. From cameos from  Veterans Havoc(“What you talking”my favorite track), Raekwon, and Redman, to new comer Skyzoo. So cop that shit December 9th on itunes,, or wherever you get it. Peace, love and dope beats.



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