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Prolific DJ/producer DJ JS-1 is celebrating the release of his latest full-length LP, No One Cares, today by dropping his latest single, “Side Streets.” Not only is the highly anticipated album, complete with 40 guests, including artists like KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Sadat X, and Joell Ortiz, and many more, now available for purchase, but fans can stream the full album for free all week as part of AOL Music’s Listening Party.

Helping celebrate the release are Illa Ghee, Nutso, and Guilty Simpson, three notable MCs who champion the underground scene alongside JS-1 with the new single “Side Streets.” “This song represents how we do the underground shit but get respect,” explains JS-1, “while others take Easy Street on the Main Boulevard, but everyone knows they suck.” JS continues, “We still enjoy making hardcore hip-hop while others are making very commercial, radio-friendly, pop-dance stuff.” The song has an uncharacteristically basic production, made up of two blended samples and a dash of hard drums and bass, because JS-1 wanted people to focus on the hard-hitting verses and the very rare scratch hook. “I used a line from Guru that is from an unreleased acapella DJ Premier gave me,” says JS-1. “It’s the main vocal that ties it all in: ‘I can go to any city/ Get respect in the street.'”

Fans of JS-1 can also watch him live on USTREAM today, from 1:45pm EST to 4:00pm EST, alongside Crazy Legs and Rahzel for their Lunch Breaks show. Says JS-1, “I’ll be cooking lunch – chicken cutlet heroes – and then spinning some breaks, saying silly things with Rahzel, and harassing people about my new album. Should be fun!” Fans can watch live by going to or by searching for the term “Lunch Breaks” on USTREAM.

DJ JS-1’s new album, No One Cares, is now available via a joint venture between Fat Beats Distribution and JS-1’s own Ground Original.

Download “Side Streets” for free HERE

Wow, I’ve been a Dad for a week now so I had to give a shout out to all the real father’s out there. Let me tell you, it’s one of the greatest things that has happen to me, but yet at the same time, a humbling experience. As my generation gets older, its awesome to see Dads of my era playing hip hop for their kids from the golden era. I feel if I play any of this new generation of  rap for my child, he will regress and possibly try to crawl back into the womb. So as I Dad, I feel obligated to teach and educate my child about the classics. The Roots, Wu-Tang, Nas, will all be new to my child’s ears. I can’t wait for my kid to hear a Dj Premier beat too.

  Moving along, I complied a playlist of albums that I found work best and provided for a laid back, yet fun vibe whether it’s changing a diaper or just spending time with your kid. These are not all hip hop albums mind you, but have a relation to hip hop. I’m love music too much just to restrict it to one genre. So give it a try.  Let me know what you think. Respect Dads!


Playlist Suggestions:

Pete Rock – Petestrumentals

King Tubby – King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

The Roots – Do You Want More

Danger Mouse – Rome

Digable Planets – Reachin’

Dutch – Just Before the Rain

Broken Bells – Broken Bells

Miles Davis – Miles Davis Plays Ballads



Currently residing in  Seattle, Washington after 7 years in Boston, Mass., Elemental Zazen releases his first single from his highly anticipated album, “Nothing To Lose, But Change.” Kill’em with The Beat is a classic boom bap track featuring veteran M.C.’s Jean Grae and Canibus. Also featured on the track is the young gun Fashawn, fresh to def from the city of angles. This is just a small taste of what Elemental has to offer. Check the track out, download it and tell your Moms. Elemental Zazen has arrived!

Download “Kill’em with The Beat” here