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"Ready to Live"

Another solid, inspiring  track from Trek Life with production by D.C. native Oddisee . As always, it’s free. Download and support the movement.

Well, look what we have here. One of Detroit’s finest was nice enough to place us with “The Reset Instrumentals” album. The best part about, its FREE. To be honest with you, I would have paid for this. Times are tough and money is tight, so thank you Mr. Brown. So spread the word, cop the original album where ever you buy your music and stop wasting your money on model glue and paper bags. That shit is only funny on Always Sunny In Philadelphia .

peace, love, and dope beats


The Reset:

"Playing Life"

Here’s a little taste from whats coming from my favorite Brown Bag AllStar m.c.’s new E.P., “Playing Life.” Hey Dyllemma, I don’t hear any synthesizers.?


E.P. Drops August 24th, 2010

follow him on twitter:

"Go ahead, make the blogs, we'll make SportsCenter,"

Richard Wright Feat. Trek Life – \”The Switch Up 2.0\” (Prod. By J.Bizness)

I’m a new comer when it comes to Trek Life, but from what I’m hearing from this guy, I really like. Also, J. Bizness comes in with the fresh production which reminded me a bit of a J Zone beat.  want to know more about Trek Life? Here you go:

peace, love and dope beats,


no money, no honey

As like most, I am very passionate about hip hop and hip hop culture. As I listened to Self Scientific’s “The Return” it got me to think. Damn, these cats were rapping about how hip hop was getting out of control back in 1997 and here we are, and it still is out of control. Now my question is, do you “keep it real” and stay passionate about your craft wether it be producing, mc’ing, dj’ing and even art. Do you “sell out” and make that auto tune track or have that latest popular m.c. feature or stay true to yourself? Remember when Hot 97 would break records? Wu-Tang Clan, Souls Of Mischief, and Blackmoon were on regular rotation? Radio has become a “pay to play” situation. I’m not judging you if you get down with mainstream music. I had my dirty south phase, but for the most part what “they” play on the radio is not for me.  Now mind you, I’d never charge an artist for a review or feature on my blog. If I’m feeling your music I will post it.  For the most part, who the hell am I and why would you want to listen to me anyways? I’m not here to disrespect anyone or their art form. My soul purpose of The Wunderground is to inform people and let them know hip hop is not dead(I hate that statement) and it never was. Nowadays its up to you to decide what is “Hip Hop” and what is not. So artists, I ask you, do you stay the indie route or make something for the radio and or mainstream? Me? I’ll stay broke if it means me keeping my self-respect. Honestly, my soul ain’t for sale. I don’t need to be rich and famous. I love hip hop! As long as I can pay my bills and spoil my girl once in a while I’m good. I look at artist/record labels like Jedi Mind Tricks, Duckdown Records’ and Stones Throw and I say to myself, “damn they stay true to themselves and their music.” The one thing mainstream hip hop will never have over indie hip hop is loyal fans. I find with mainstream hip hop is your only as hot as your last record. Also, mainstream hip hop fans are fair weather fans like most New York Jets fans.Anyone heard the new M.I.M.S. or Ying Yang Twins record ? No, because they are irrelevant in the hip hop world now. What the hell happened to Tru Life? Just another pawn in the record industry. Dude was nice so I hope he makes it back. Either record companies are blind or just don’t they just don’t care, is that quality hip hop was once “Mainstream.” Artist were able to be true to their craft and still have “mass appeal.” Biggie, Big Pun, Ghostface Killah, and Outkast all had mainstream appeal, so records, and still were respected as “real” m.c.’s. That is not the case anymore. The indie route seems to be catching on.  Look how successful Freeway and especially Slaughterhouse did when they went the indie route? My point, loyal fans and quality hip hop. I guess the decision lies within in you. Money or respect? I just also wanted to take a minute to thank Dart Adams over at for the inspiration, Solo For Dolo, and whoever reads this. Thank you so much. Your support is much appreciated.

peace, love and dope beats,



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If you’re like me, you’re always thirsty for new music and it’s even better when its good music. About 5 minutes ago I stumbled upon, Shahmen. I had no idea who this guy was or what he’s about. So I decided to give a listen to his track, “Van Goh’s Crow.”  Dark and hunting, yet soulful,  Shahmen’s unique voice rides perfectly over the beat. As I looked closer to the youtube page, I found a link to more of his music which lead me to a free download to his E.P., “Enter The Circle.” It’s definitely worth the free download. Shit, I was ready to pay for it if I had to. So give Shahmen a listen and judge for yourself.


download the e.p. at :

Rockin it in Philly @ The Kyber

I had a great weekend. A lot of positive things went down. Friday night May 14th, I dj’d for Jersey’s up and coming M.C., Solo for Dolo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The venue, The Kyber,  seemed more geared for the punk and rock and roll crowed. Regardless, Dolo rocked it the same. Whats best about Solo 4 Dolo is not just his obvious ability to rhyme, but his ability to bring energy to the stage and actually perform. Which in return, myself and the crowd feed of that energy.  On May 26th, will be rocking a show on our stomping ground, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Again, like The Kyber, this venue is more geared towards the rock and roll fan, but if  Chris brings the same energy as he did in Philly, he’ll definitely open people’s eyes and maybe have a few new fans. Some come and support NJ’s finest. Check the links for directions and more details for the show.


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Oj Simpson

Can’t get enough of Madlib and Guily Simpson? Download the new single now:

the illest

New single from philly’s own, Godilla. This Stu Bangas produced beat features Ali Armz and veteran rhyme spitter, Thirstin Howl the III.  Godilla has already worked with the likes of King Magnetic, Reef The Lost Cauze, and  German super producers The Snow Goons. Also keep you eye out for up and coming producer, Stu Bangas.

download the single here: training -godilla, ali armz and thirstin howl.mp3

The Jive Turkeys

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Bread and Butter

While I was browsing through I came a across a band called “The Jive Turkeys.” What caught my attention, was actually just their name. I chuckled really. The Jive Turkey’s are a 4-piece  band from Oxford, Ohio on the label Colemine Records(see address below for more info). There seems to be a wave of funk music being put out, and I love it. After falling in love with The Budos Band about 5 yeas ago, my cravings for funk and more soul music has gotten worse by the day. So when I heard first heard The Jive Turkeys, I was instantly hook. You can order their new cd, “Bread and Butter” at these addresses:

Long live funk!