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BBU, the four-man Chicago-based group of rappers Jasson Perez, Epic, Illekt, and DJ Esquire, is excited to release their new single, “The Hood.” The track, featuring GLC and produced by Classick, is taken from BBU’s forthcoming bell hooks mixtape, presented by Mad Decent and mixed by DJ Benzi, which will be released February 14th via Mishka Records.

While “The Hood,” doesn’t embody the same Juke-inspired sound of previous singles, the track continues the group’s knack for blending the unexpected, bringing together the Windy City’s old and new guard. “GLC is the homie, and a legend in Chicago hip-hop,” says Epic. “We feel blessed to be on a track with him,” adds Jasson, noting that GLC’s unique brand of “ism” is a perfect fit for the song. “But really, it’s about community, about building a movement.”

“The song is about how people can be judged for speaking slang, and how it can make others look at them as being uneducated,” explains Illekt. “But slang is such a great thing, because it’s who we are and it represents our generation.” The song’s chorus tackles the topic head on, with lines like, “Why you talk like that? Because I’m from the hood/ And that’s all I heard, and all I understood,” while the first verse drives the point home from the opening bar: “They look down on me, cause the way I talk/ My vocabulary probably outline them in chalk.”

Download “The Hood” here.

“We’re originators over here; they’re followers!” exclaims Tajai at the beginning of the video for Pep Love’s Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us,” the latest single from his forthcoming album Rigmarole, which will be released March 6th. For Pep, one of the founding members of the legendary Hieroglyphics, being an originator is as much of a statement about his past as his present, as he and the rest of his Hiero crew continue to be trailblazers and trendsetters for independent hip-hop artists.

“Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us” shows that Pep hasn’t lost a step behind the mic, either, and he sounds especially reinvigorated here, as he flips innovative schemes and, multi-syllable rhymes atop Billion Coast’s blipped, hazy-bass production. The song features a bridge from Opio, and the video, produced by Spencer Groshong and shot by Austin Steele, offers viewers something of a day-in-the-life of Pep as he prepares for a show, fitting considering Hiero’s unrelenting tour schedule each year. The camera follows Pep as he makes his way through the venue, behind the scenes kicking it with fans, before finally taking the stage to perform with Hiero in front of a packed crowd.

Without further delay; I have had the pleasure to work with this guys for the best year and time and time again they put out quality music. Brown Bag Allstars embodies what hip hop is all about. Their catalog runs deep like a fat girl’s grocery list. Anyways, they’ve been kind enough to put together a collection of music they put out throughout the year. Download for free and enjoy. Support the movement. BROWN BAG ALLLLLLLLLLLLSTARS!

Download The Brown Bag AllStars’ “2011: A Year In Review” HERE