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After beating myself in the head with “street”, “hardcore”, and or “angry” hip hop, I had to change it up a little bit. I mean come on, how many times can I hear about someone getting shot or having their limbs being ripped from them? So the voice inside of me says ” You gots to chill.” It was pretty cool because it was Parrish Smith’s (PMD from EPMD for you whipper snappers) voice.  So what was the remedy? More cowbell you say? No you idiot! It’s the new album from Black Sheep, “From The Black Pool Of Genius.” I was so excited when I heard this album. Dres’ voice has not changed from when I first heard him on “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” Laid back, smooth, with a touch of arrogance. The thing about this album is that I feel the younger generation could appreciate it too. Classic boom bap with new school appeal. I keep telling people about this album, but really they have to find out for themselves.  With features from Psycho Les, AZ, Jean Grae, the o.g. himself, Q-Tip, and my childhood crush, wait for it……………………..Rosie Perez! While I love my Vinnie Paz, and the rest of the Army Of The Pharaohs, I just needed to turn the serious knob down a bit and just nod my head for a bit and smile.

Also on a side note, cop that new Apollo Brown, “The Reset”.

peace, love and dope beats,



We mean business

We mean business

Well, I had now idea this was happening. But to my pleasant surprise there it was on the main page of, EPMD, the new album We Mean Business. I always loved how they incorporated Business in all of the album titles.  Another thing I loved about these goes were their beats. They consistently had quality beats behind them. My favorite track was “The head banger.” Redman killed that track. Now listen to the new single ‘Listen Up” featuring Teddy Riley. Its got that west coast G-Funk feel to it with the classic east coast boom-bat flavor.  They didn’t fall victim and feel the need to put T-Pain to have a hit single. Props to Teddy Riley. Dude is still killing it. “Listen Up” is a feel good track that can be played out at any club or kickin it old school and bumpin it in your jeep. Also, from just what I heard form the sampler, We Mean Business, should be a great album from start to finish. From cameos from  Veterans Havoc(“What you talking”my favorite track), Raekwon, and Redman, to new comer Skyzoo. So cop that shit December 9th on itunes,, or wherever you get it. Peace, love and dope beats.



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