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King and The Cauze Free Download

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Me? I love free stuff. Especially mix tapes or I guess you can call them”mix downloads.” Up to bat is the latest from P.A.’s finest, King Magnetic and Reef The Lost Cauze.back-cover I’ve been following Reef since his days with E.C. Records(rip). The one thing I love about this M.C. is his consistency of quality music. Now there’s up and coming head busting, rob you at gun point, King Magnetic. He’s a grimy M.C.,  with a sense of humor which I appreciate. King speaks his mind most of the time not really giving a fuck about what people think.

First of all, thank you guys for making this available for the masses and making it free. I find a lot of Hip Hop artists to be stingy with their music. Not these guys. Also, this mix tape is better than the majority of others out there. And did I mention its free? My only complaint is the  sub par mixing and blending on it. The scrathcing was good though. The tape  starts of with a solid freestyle from the King over Dr. Dre’s crack a bottle. A catchy beat, but with King over it, it gives a new feel to it. More like getting a bottle cracked over your head. My favorite track is “The Truth”, which reveals a deeper side of Reef. Touching on the subjects of substance abuse and finding out who the hell you really are. More relatable stuff for the masses. The mixtape also features the likes of veteran Ed O.G. and the lyrical beast Brother Ali.  Also solid production on original tracks by German heavy hitters the Snow Goons and soon to be superstar Marco Polo.  All in all, the tape is certified offical. And did I mention its free?

Download at:

E.P. also avaolable at itunesfront-cover

Its Been A Minute

Posted: April 3, 2009 in Uncategorized


Whats going on? Its been a minute. Honestly, I  have not had shit to say. Maybe its a creative slump? Maybe I’m just too lazy? Maybe just uninspired? I peeped Kev Brown’s Blog(, which is simple enough, but has some good shit on it. For me, its hard to keep up with every artist. But I stumbled across Kev Brown a while back and recently just been overdosing on him. His music speaks to me. And best of all his music has soul. So if you get a chance, check him out on myspace.