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Derrion Albert

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

art.derrion.albert.fpAs a lot of people are, I am on Twitter. So as I am following my favorite artists of people I follow I see a trending topic happening. Its #DerrionAlbert. So like most people, I’m curious to see what its about. So I click the topic and all I see is ” R.I.P. Derrion Albert.” I had no idea who this was so I did a search on yahoo and this link came up, . A 16-year-old boy beaten by his piers as he tries to help someone else. What the fuck is going on? If it wasn’t bad enough that he was hit with a board, a few others thought it was a good idea to “stomp” the hell out of  a defenseless Derrion Albert. That was probably the most cowardly act of them all. So where do we go from here? Does President Obama speak out? In my opinion he should, but what I feel would work most effectively is having the Hip Hop community take a stand. Me, I like the rough and  grimy side of hip hop. But it doesn’t mean I’ll turn to violent on an innocent man. There’s no winner here. As three suspects are in custody and will be tried as adults. If you look at it as a whole,  4 lives a lost. The death of Derrion Albert and the 3 suspects, that will probably spend a majority of there lives in the prison. Lets just hope the are rehabilitated (in a sarcastic voice) and don’t become repeat offenders.  I want to lash out against the suspects, but something went wrong along the way. My heart is broken. As corny as it sounds, children are our future, and the best way to reach them is through education and positive role models. My prayers go to all the families affected by this.c6bcccdae673c054