Why I hate Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2008 in Uncategorized


f*ck christmas

f*ck christmas

On this joyous day of the year, I’d rather be off on my own. I hate being a downer and I never want anyone’s sympathy. Give me a nice bottle of whiskey or vodka, a stack of dvd’s and some take out and I’m good. I do have family and yes I love them, but I just don’t get or buy into the Christmas thing. Maybe after years of being broke and having to work the spirit has just left me? Shit, I even tried watching “The Elf” several times to possible recharge my Christmas spirit. Could it be that I am just a miserable prick? Good chance, but not definite.


This year I’m headed to the great state of Wisconsin to see my sister and her family. It’ll be good to see the kids and my big sis. As much of an asshole I can be, kids are my soft spot. And I’m sure big sis will have plenty of “Christmas Cheer.” So, if you love Christmas, god blees. For me, fuck it. Bah humbug , Mr.Grinch, whatever. Thanksgiving rules!

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