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The Doloist

Posted: December 31, 2010 in hip hop

I don’t comment or speak my opinion on many artists/rappers, but seeing how 2011 is around the corner I fee I need to speak on one particular artist, Solo For Dolo. I will keep this short an sweet. Solo is everything that is right with hip hop and the majority of the time he gets over looked. He’s an old soul. Our play list pretty much match up and I’,m 10 years his senior. Anyways, if anything I can say I am proud to be able to work with Chris and rock shows with him. When Nas said “hip hop is dead”, he obviously never met Solo For Dolo. Get use to this kid cause he’ll be running shit!

Newly formed group, Made In Heights has dropped a free E.P. for your listen pleasure. The group consists of Saba of Seattle based group Blue Scholars and his B.F.F., Kelsey. It only took a “matter of days” according to Saba to complete “Winter Pigeons.” Sounds like some good chemistry. So if you are a fan of Blue Scholars, give this a listen. Enjoy.




Coming off the success of his sophomore album, Robots & Dinosaurs, Grammy nominated jack-of-all-trades Kokayi is proud to release the latest track from the album “Chanticleer.” The self-produced song – Kokayi produced all of Robots & Dinosaurs, save “Autumn Rules,” produced by Oddisee – again shows off Kokayi’s ability to blend a variety of musical styles to create a unique and infectious beat. Breaking away from the norm, Kokayi’s main inspiration for “Chanticleer” derives from the lack of originality in art. “Be original and break out of the boxes; stay way from the margins and labels that people try to apply to you or your art,” says Kokayi, and while it’s a topic that’s been explored before, Kokayi’s original approach, both lyrically and musically, breathes life into the topic. Enlisting his own children for the chorus, Kokayi gives the song a touch of Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life, while using the verses to spit witticisms, with lines like, “You try to box me Rocky/ I May Weather storms, golden boy cocky.”

Kokayi’s new album, Robots & Dinosaurs, is available now via QN5.
Download Track HERE

The Song:

The fourth single off the recently released Mello Music Group compilation album, Helpless Dreamer, is all about recognizing where you come from. “Home Comes First” combines the talents of emcees Kenn Starr and Finale on the mic and Apollo Brown on production. With Starr and Finale both dropping albums on Mello Music Group in 2011, titled Square One and Odds & Ends respectively, and Apollo still hot off the success of his collaborations with The Left and Boog Brown, these three seem to have no trouble staying busy.

Apollo’s crackling, chopped-up horn instrumental provides a subtle enough beat for the two rappers to spit more introspective and serious rhymes. Starr’s lyrics focus on his native state of Virginia and current hometown of southern Maryland, and when he raps “I continue to carry the torch for the ones that I know are depending on me to see their dreams come,” it’s clear to see how much it means to him. Finale laments that “home is home / it’s the only thing I tend to think about if I’m gone” in reference to Detroit, and while he and his collaborator may hail from a different part of the country, it’s clear that the sentiments they share could not be more similar. “Home… comes first,” the hook repeats – something that we can all relate to.

The Mello Music Group compilation, Helpless Dreamer, is available now.

Download “Home Comes First” here:

With Georgia Anne Muldrow’s new album, VWETO – the album title means “gravity” in Swahili – already garnering excellent reviews just a week after it’s exclusive iTunes release, the renowned singer/producer is releasing the second single from the album, “Zulu Bounce.” As the title implies, the instrumental track is loaded with bouncy funk synths, lead synths, and more, all layered atop a smattering of syncopated drums and snapping snares.

Georgia Anne Muldrow’s VWETO is available now on iTunes via Mello Music Group.

Download “Zulu Bounce” for free here:

For those that still like their hip-hop grimy and preferred Times Square with more strip clubs and less Applebee’s, Brooklyn rapper Q-Unique, formerly of the Arsonists, is back with his sophomore album, Between Heaven And Hell, his first project since the 2008 release of Vengeance Is Mine. While the new album, on which Q-Unique receives assistance from the likes of Ill Bill, Slaine, and more, dropped earlier this fall, Q-Unique continues to release new videos to support the project, the latest for the unforgiving, raw “Mr. Lopez.”

“Mr. Lopez got shot/ Police tape off, start the investigation/ Five suspects under an interrogation… Street life brings the devil out of desire,” raps Q-Unique on the song’s chorus, detailing the story of a small-time robbery gone wrong. Q-Unique tells the menacing tale atop production that meets him each step of the way, switching-up with each verse, both taking twists and turns as the story progresses. Matching Q’s powerful lyrics and vocal performance is a strikingly shot video with Q-Unique narrating the story of the bodega heist gone wrong as the violence and confusion unfolds around him.

Q-Unique’s Between Heaven And Hell is available now via Fat Beats Records.


While outside may feel like a winter wonderland, this next serving from Cali rapper Mr. Brady has a warm, laid back feel – one that harkens memories of past summer seasons – with “Get Choze,” the latest single from Labor of Love, Brady’s latest release on Clear Label Records. Produced by Brady, himself – Mr. Brady eschews rhyming on Labor Of Love, instead handling production duties for the entire album – the producer/rapper acquired the collaborative efforts of the legendary Diamond D and fellow west coast rapper Blu.

It was after a connection on MySpace between Brady and Diamond D that the track came to be, and with Brady’s vision to bring the old school and new school together, Blu added the perfect final piece. “I wanted to bridge the gap between the O.G’s like Diamond D and artists that I consider to be the future, like Blu,” explains Brady. “Nobody is really doing that right now and making it sound right, so I wanted to do something different, something that I thought would sound right.”

Download Mr Brady’s Get Choze Feat Diamond D and Blu:

Producer IMAKEMADBEATS is back again with the release of the free EP Nightlight as the second half of his dual-EP concept album Daylight/Nightlight. Daylight/Nightlight takes a multifaceted look at the highs and lows of life, evident through the stories delivered by collaborators Butta Verses, the lyricist behind the Daylight EP, and Nightlight emcee MidaZ The Beast, most recently heard on his last mixtape The El MidaZ Affair and as a guest on Alchemist’s GTA: Chinatown Wars Gangrene Mix. While the two EPs are being released separately in a radio edited digital format, IMAKEMADBEATS and Doxside Music Group will later release both for sale together in an unedited physical format.

Nightlight finds MidaZ delving into the darkest corners of the mind with ferocious vigor. As IMAKEMADBEATS’ partner-in-crime in the grimy duo known as BlakOut, MidaZ masterfully manipulates words in the same style that has helped build his reputation in underground circles as a force to be reckoned with. IMAKEMADBEATS completely flips his style on this half of the project, providing MidaZ with tense, hard-hitting beats to vent over – musical beds that fit the edgy tone set throughout the EP. Songs like “Subliminal Diss” and “Word Of Mouth” capture the Nightlight theme, exploring unfiltered angst, while previous single “Flyers” features MidaZ taking shots at lazy and incompetent show promoters.

On January 18, 2011 IMAKEMADBEATS will drop his self-titled solo debut, featuring Black Milk, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Butta Verses, Hezekiah, and more on Doxside Music Group.

Download Nightlight EP here:

As Boog Brown continues to support the recent release of Brown Study, between herself and renowned producer Apollo Brown, the Atlanta by way of Detroit emcee is releasing the latest remix of the album, this time for the soulful track “Understanding.” Remixing the track is producer Audible Doctor, who recently produced “Battle Cry,” one of the singles from Joell Ortiz’ upcoming Free Agent album.

While the original features filtered string chops over muted drums, with the remix Audible Doctor chops an array of sparse vocal samples, layering them over slapping snares. “The remix brings out the vocals more,” says Boog about Audible Doctor’s beat. “It lets you hear the message in a different way.” And for a song that explores the idea of vulnerability and letting your guard down, it was important for Boog to allow fans to hear the message again, with a fresh take. “No one has to validate your journey,” says Boog. “Just make sure you’re honest with yourself.”

Download “Understanding” (Audible Doctor Remix) for free here:

So tomorrow night is the debut of the first Classick Material event. It’s an art show featuring up and coming artists, Milk One(phx, az) and Willis Weller and allso featuring the veteran and father of Wills, Pete Weller, hosted by my good friends over at Bands On A Budget. Dj’s Phonozone and Re-kon will be providing the soundtrack. But wait folks, it gets better! The people over at will have a vinyl toy display. Make sure you bring your wallets because all art and vinyl toys will be available for purchase. So if you are in the Jersey Shore area, you need to check this event out!

Milk One


Bands On A Budget

626 Mattison Ave.

Asbury Park, NJ
7pm until 11pm