Ludacris- “MVP” with Dj Premier on the beat

Posted: December 24, 2008 in hip hop, Uncategorized


so whered you say these hos are at?

"so where'd you say these ho's are at?"

If you don’t know, I dj and have been doing it for several years. I was against the digital dj at first, but with an open mind, I tried Serato Scratch program. I was impressed. To be able to have 1000’s of songs at your finger tips is sweet. Plus it allows you to beat match and scratch. When I have a gig, I’ll usually spend some time on Itunes or even myspace for whats new and “hot.” Which brings me to my point. I saw that Ludacris had a new album out. I forgot the name, but I didn’t forget my favorite track on the album, MV-muthafuckin P. God damn this shit is hot. Its almost as good as Nas is like. Ludacris thoroughly represented on this track. My favrite line is “Hennesy is my remedy, takin shots like Kennedy.” Oh no you didn’t! He also made a good point in the song to mention, “The first Southern Rapper on a Premier beat.” To my knowledge, this is true. I can’t understand why more Southern Rappers haven’t reach out to Primo? Could you imagine Outkast or Scarface, or even a Paul Wall on a Premier beat? Serious shit going on there. East Coast Rappers have done the southern thing with Lil’ Jon. Mobb Deep, Bravehearts, but only to luke warm appeal. So please, if by chance Outkast you are reading this, get on that. Spaghetti junction was hot. Give Premier a call and do hip hop and me a favor.1


peace, love, and dope beats


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