Too Broke for hip hop?

Posted: December 8, 2008 in hip hop


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broke again


T-shirts $30-$60 dollars! Jeans $100-$300 dollars! God lord! Than you need the fly Jordans to match. What the fuck is going on? I though  George W. said there was a recession going on? I guess Kanye and the rest of these guess didn’t get the memo. I’m not hating on Kanye, or his style, I just can keep up with “being fresh” anymore. I make a decent living. My apartment is fairly “fly.” I guess to hip hop standards, I’m a “bum ass dresser.” I always wonder where 16-18 year olds got the money to afford all the new gear. Maybe they have rich parents? Maybe McDonald’s is hiring at 15 dollars an hour? But when I was 15  slanging friend chicken at Roy Rogers, I still couldn’t afford Jordans. I can always tell what style of hip hop or rapper is hot by just looking at what the kids are wearing. By the looks of things, The Cool Kids and Lupe Fiasco are hot right now. Should I detour from listening to these guys because I’ll never fit in skinny jeans?(not a good look) . No, I’m not saying that. I’m just waring them not to fall victims of the past. The majority of rappers in this new style of rap/hip hop music, “swagger”, are talented. Some even have a good message behind it. I’d just hate to see them end up like Mase or Loon. Style over content never worked.  Sticking to the basics has always worked. They even help rappers survive the times(Nas, Gangstarr, Boot Camp).

Where am I going with this? There’s nothing wrong with rolling to Fulton Street mall with 50 bucks and coming out with a bunch of white tees(just make sure they fit) and a pair of no name jeans or Dickies. While the 50 dollar neon shirt from some underground clothing company is hot now, it’ll be a gym shirt or dusk rag in two years. But honestly, are those tight jeans really comfortable? I just hate seeing your junk is all. Shout outs to Big Pun and Biggie.

“Got no clothes so I can’t go out, Bought new clothes, got no money so I can’t go out. That’s the bull shit.”

sean price.

peace, love and dope beats.


Below is a great explanation and will give you more insight on “Swagger Rap”

  1. trustybush says:

    True. We went from red and black lumberjack with the hat to match to some $250.00 retarded looking hoodie and some skinny jeans. Come on back in our day youd get jumped coming to school rocking some ball huggers. Not hating on todays fashion, Im just saying. Oh and the way these kids are affording this shit is because like most of the country we all have been living beyond our means which is why the govt is bailing out banks now. Its a frame of mind that goes beyond hiphop but at the same time is exemplified in hip hop. Think about it. How many kids from the PJs did you know that were pushing Lexus and BMWs? I knew quite a few.

    And btw, your not a bum ass dresser. I love your style.

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