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The wait is over. Mr. Nick’s album is finally here on BBE records. And with Marc Mac  on the beats, you can’t really go wrong . This project has been in the works for quite sometime now and what i like best is, there isn’t a lot of features. T.R.A.C. holds his own with his one of a kind rhyme style and voice. No need to clutter up the songs.  But by no means, do not sleep on Baron from Red Clay, “he spit hot fiyah like Dylon.” This album is something I’m going to play for my son when he asks me “Daddy, what is hip hop?” So cop the album and find out for yourself or you can be a herb and download a song by that annoying d-bag on that  t-mobile commercial.

Cop it here:

and on iTunes “The Network”

I am really excited about this event. Why? Because I was able to be a part of this project. Baron from Red Clay asked me about 1.5 years ago to do the mastering for the album(thanks to T.R.A.C. for linking me up). Can I tell you how anxious I was for this album to drop? Not only because it will look good on my resume, but because the album is a sure fire classick!. For me, I was real proud of my work on “Rugged Souls.” Its also has open other doors and opportunities for me. For that, I am thankful. Special shout out to Baron and the rest of Red Clay for trusting me with their album. Hope to see you suckas there. Click HERE for more information and “LIKE” them on Facebook.

p.s. No offense Baron, but I”m more excited to meet Lewis Parker