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Prince Aries is a sought after DJ, party promoter, graphic designer, and also the host and co-founder of the Bay Area’s first and only hip-hop TV program Distortion 2 Static – we’re also told he sleeps from time to time, although we’re not so sure we believe that one – and on May 3rd Aries will be releasing a brand new mixtape, Clean Ass Whip. And now, Aries has enlisted Los Angeles emcee Bambu for “And We Mobb In That…” Produced by REL of Drums and Ammo, The track is one of two originals, along with DaVinci’s “Clean Ass Whip,” fans can expect from the project. “I wanted to have a few original tracks for this mixtape,” explains Aries, “so I asked REL for some beats. When I heard this one, I knew it would be a perfect fit.”

Indeed. The track flows effortlessly, with REL’s laid-back drums, nostalgic samples, and celestial keys giving listeners a front seat perspective into exactly what West Coast cruising music, and Clean Ass Whip, is all about. And for Aries, featuring Bambu, an emcee from the city that once birthed the single “Let Me Ride” and is clearly no stranger to car culture or the role that music plays within that culture, was a natural fit. “Bambu captures the feel of the mixtape perfectly,” says Aries. “He paints a picture of a sunny day in LA. It’s a perfect addition to the mixtape.”.

Prince Aries’ Clean Ass Whip mixtape will be released for free download via SWTBRDS on May 3rd.

Download “And We Mobb In That…” for free here: