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Yes, this is a blog geared towards hip hop and hip hop culture, but like any music lover, if you hear some good music, you want people to know about it. This is where I’m at with Only Living Boy. They are a 3 piece band from NJ. Groovy, unique and talented are just a few words to describe them. I pretty much just stumbled upon them and it was love at first listen. They pretty much could mesh with any genre of music, including hip hop.  In a time where skinny jeans and hipsters rule,  Only Living Boy is a breath of fresh air that gives  life to a scene that seems stagnate and boring. A lot of bands have no “balls” and play too timidly with no aggression.

My beef with most bands that I see in New Jersey is that they are “too cool”, they have no stage presence, and they act like they are doing you a favor by performing after you just paid a 10 dollar cover. That is where Only Living Boy broke the mold, creating soulful riffs with talented song writing with out coming off watered down and cheesy. When I have seen them perform live, they genuinely seem to enjoy playing and performing to a crowd, playing each set like it’s their last.  Enough of my rambling. Go find out for yourself. I’ll put money on it that you’ll dig this guys.

ps Their Manger Joe Chyb is pretty fucking cool too. ( for bookings)

Re-kon’s favorite tracks:

Lonely Puppy Blues

Sunny Day Man

Hide Nothing

Demon shuffle

Only Living Boy is:

Joe Cirotti- Guitar/Vocals

Eric Curley- Bass/Backing Vocals

Trevor Newcomb- Drums

Support local music!  WWW.ONLYLIVINGBOY.COM

Newark, New Jersey’s own Rah Digga is back with the latest in her Straight Spittin’ series, “Straight Spittin’ 4.5.” While Nottz handled production duties on the previous “Straight Spittin IV,” in addition to the rest of Digga’s highly lauded sophomore album Classic, Digga has teamed up with producer Marco Polo for this short but deadly follow-up track. Atop Marco’s guitar plucks, vocal samples, strings, and pounding drums, Digga picks up right where she left off, delivering a non-stop flow of vocal jabs with lines like, “The spitting’s comprehensive/ Y’all wordplay’s senseless/ I’m spitting every sentence, not knowing where the end is/ I’m spitting, spitting, spitting, ’till there ain’t no more remnants/ They saying, What’s Next? I’m saying, Back to the beginning.”

Rah Digga’s sophomore album, Classic, is now available via Raw Koncept Media Group.

Download “Straight Spittin’ 4.5” produced by Marco Polo here: