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With Von Pea‘s debut solo record, Pea’s Gotta Have It, dropping today and the Audible Treats CMJ Showcase with legendary fellow New Yorker Black Sheep on Thursday, it’s easy to see that Von’s living the “Good Life,” which is also his appropriately named newest single.

With a soulful beat reminiscent of J. Dilla, this chorus-less banger rides upon a catchy vintage sample that croons “Don’t give up the good life.” The Tanya Morgan emcee showcases his skillful delivery and lets his personality shine through on the whole track. Some of the lyrics come directly from the writings of the rapper’s high school journal and include sentiments that have taken on a different tone as time has passed. “The track is based on the idea that I’d be ‘the man’ by 22 and get the girls I wanted at the time (I decided to keep the real names of the girls from back then),” says Von. “These aspirations seem so silly looking back at them and knowing how serious I was.” Even if Von Pea’s priorities have changed, it’s safe to say that this same seriousness has carried over, only to musicianship.

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After beating myself in the head with “street”, “hardcore”, and or “angry” hip hop, I had to change it up a little bit. I mean come on, how many times can I hear about someone getting shot or having their limbs being ripped from them? So the voice inside of me says ” You gots to chill.” It was pretty cool because it was Parrish Smith’s (PMD from EPMD for you whipper snappers) voice.  So what was the remedy? More cowbell you say? No you idiot! It’s the new album from Black Sheep, “From The Black Pool Of Genius.” I was so excited when I heard this album. Dres’ voice has not changed from when I first heard him on “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” Laid back, smooth, with a touch of arrogance. The thing about this album is that I feel the younger generation could appreciate it too. Classic boom bap with new school appeal. I keep telling people about this album, but really they have to find out for themselves.  With features from Psycho Les, AZ, Jean Grae, the o.g. himself, Q-Tip, and my childhood crush, wait for it……………………..Rosie Perez! While I love my Vinnie Paz, and the rest of the Army Of The Pharaohs, I just needed to turn the serious knob down a bit and just nod my head for a bit and smile.

Also on a side note, cop that new Apollo Brown, “The Reset”.

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