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Before Metermaids’ sophomore LP, Rooftop Shake, is released this coming Tuesday, September 6th, the Brooklyn-based duo of rappers Sentence and Swell are excited to release a brand new track as a way to show their appreciation for fans that have been patiently awaiting the new album. The track is an extended redux version of “Bad Things.” While the original version of “Bad Things” shows up on Rooftop Shake, including the flawless Sage Francis guest verse, this redux version also includes a special, end-of-track verse from B. Dolan
Sage Francis opens the track with his signature gravely voice and rough neck rhymes. “How do I love Thee?” spits Francis. “Subtract the possibilities, countdown to Armageddon, god forbid if you ain’t feeling me.” Sentence and Swell attack the track with equal vigor (“This bird’s on its last wings/ Wanna back out but I can’t, ’cause I’ve seen bad things.”), while producer and frequent collaborator M.Stine, who splits production duties on the album with 9th Wonder, lays a beating, guitar- and soul chop-driven track for the four emcees. As with the entirety of Rooftop Shake, DJ Rob Swift of The X-Ecutioners lends his cuts throughout.

You Can Download Bad Things Redux Here: