A.Dd+ – “Likeamug” Feat. Sore Losers

Posted: February 28, 2011 in hip hop
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Dallas, Texas duo A.Dd+ (pronounced A.D.D., with the plus sign silent) is finally gearing up to release their long-awaited new project, When Pigs Fly, an album that will be released for free on March 28. The group, comprised of rappers Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy, worked diligently for the past year with producer Picnic Tyme, a member of Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids who has also produced for Devin the Dude and Johnny Polygon. When Pigs Fly flows through a mix of slang anthems, flirtatious tales, and more serious issues (financial struggle, incarceration) with a creative edge, both musically and lyrically, that has made the duo one of the most progressive groups to come from the scene in some time. “When Pigs Fly represents the impossible,” explains Slim. “We’re doing what people are scared to do in this Dallas music scene. We’re making the impossible possible.”
For “Likeamug,” the lead single from When Pigs Fly, A.Dd+ brought along friend and fellow Dallas native Brown, of Sore Losers. “The song originated from a phrase we used when we were younger,” says Paris. “Of course, it’s a euphemism for ‘like a muthaf*cka.’ Brown of Sore Losers brought the phrase back on Twitter, and right at that same time we received a beat from Picnic titled ‘Mugg,’ so we ran with it.” With a half-sung chorus courtesy of Paris and a beat comprised of thick synth bass lines and pounding drums, “Likeamug” immediately pulls fans into the group’s unique, infectious sound, with Paris exclaiming that, “You ain’t never seen nothing like this,” before reassuring listeners: “Everything is A-OK when you’re rocking with us.”

In the coming weeks, fans can also look forward to a video for “Likeamug.”

Download “Likeamug” feat. Brown of Sore Losers for free here:


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