Brown Bag Thursday Feat. Solo For Dolo

Posted: September 3, 2010 in hip hop
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quarter water kids coming soon

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to J 57 for letting Myself and Solo For Dolo  rock a Brown Bag Thursday. As usual Solo rocked it. He also had fellow M.C., Dashah come on stage a rock their collaboration joint, “Protein Barz.” They definitely did not disappoint. I also wanted to shout out to all my friends that made it through. That shit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and side. There was just a good vibe in the air even though I was cranky because we got there late(stupid gps). Everything fell into place and the night was a success.  Finally, a special thank you to Adam Padilla and the rest of my Classick Material Family. Peep the video for “protein bars” too.

ps. Thank you Cory Shomo for the dope video


good times

the homies

  1. PRE459 says:

    BBAS is da jam… always a good show!

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