May 26th @ The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

Posted: May 18, 2010 in hip hop, Uncategorized
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Rockin it in Philly @ The Kyber

I had a great weekend. A lot of positive things went down. Friday night May 14th, I dj’d for Jersey’s up and coming M.C., Solo for Dolo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The venue, The Kyber,  seemed more geared for the punk and rock and roll crowed. Regardless, Dolo rocked it the same. Whats best about Solo 4 Dolo is not just his obvious ability to rhyme, but his ability to bring energy to the stage and actually perform. Which in return, myself and the crowd feed of that energy.  On May 26th, will be rocking a show on our stomping ground, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Again, like The Kyber, this venue is more geared towards the rock and roll fan, but if  Chris brings the same energy as he did in Philly, he’ll definitely open people’s eyes and maybe have a few new fans. Some come and support NJ’s finest. Check the links for directions and more details for the show.


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