Welcome To Bucktown

Posted: May 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

I had a chance in my days to meet one of Hip Hop’s finest producers, Red Spydah. And yes, I know what he looks like (shut up! I ain’t snitchin’).  I came to him with a demo tape of some East New York, Brownsville Cats That I met while living there for 6 months(shout out to Riverdale apt 5h). I could tell he was uninterested, but the one thing he said to me that I’ll always remember is “You know the one thing about Brooklyn Rappers”, I said “what?” “They’re always screaming Brooklyn.” I’m not from Brooklyn, but if you have spent any significant time there, you’d know why they rep. it hard(I’m not talkin about present day Williamsburg). Its a fucking badge, a metaphorical tattoo if you will. And GOD damn it, General Steele has created the theme music.  As Urban Out fitters and Lucky Jeans slowly creep into Brooklyn, Steele paints a dark, yet colorful picture of Brooklyn before annoying “artists” and their trust funds move in. Could you imagine hipsters in South Central? Lyrical images include tales of street hustling, watching your back, and taking wack MC’s out. This doesn’t sound like Bedford ave and skinny jeans. Stand out tracks for me include “No Sleep To Bucktown” and “A Toast To Bucktown”(I have the feeling the beedee eyed one is a sucker for feel good tracks(see ready(brand nu day)). New to Bucktown or a native, you’ll be thoroughly be pleased with General Steele’s creation. I’m out, head to Fulton Street Mall, 5 for $20 white tees.steele

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