Not Just another mixtape, its a “Nickztape”

Posted: February 18, 2009 in hip hop, Uncategorized

This is not a review of the “nickztape.” Its just my perspective and my experience with T.R.A.C.  Hope you enjoy.

its the nickztape

its the nickztape

So,  I finally finished mastering T.R.A.C.’s mixtape. As I once wrote before, I’ve been a fan of his for a while. Now being able to work with him, is a dream come true. The one thing that makes this “nickztape” is that it makes the begining of great things to come in 2009 and marks the beginning of a series of “nickztapes.” But what makes it real special to me is that I played a role in helping someones love of music to come out. I’m not sure if you have ever have worked on something and but your blood, sweat and tears into, only to have it fail.  Wether it be a relationship(I know about this too), your job, or even just everyday life, it becomes  a frustrating situation and if it happens enough, it could break your spirit. For my man T.R.A.C., this isn’t the case. He strapped up and put in his work . He did whatever it would take to make it happened. T.RA.C., my friends,  has a serious work ethic and to be honest with you, it was inspirational to me. I had took take a look at myself and step my game up. I knew I had to be a part of the “nickztape.

While going through, eq’ing, level matching, I could hear the determination in his voice. One after another, conquering each track.  He definitely knows how to ride a beat and none the less pick a beat too. T.R.A.C. gives you insight into his life, his troubles, and vividly painting a picture of what its like growing up in Brooklyn. I know one thing is for sure , Mr. Nickz loves the ladies.

Now as far as production, he’s got some real fire beats from a shopping list of producers. Some old, some new. Marc Mac of  The Visionaries, Lewis Parker, Gregory B , Dj Wally aka Pish Posh, Kapo and Blanxx from Lost Info.,  and Sealy who produced my favorite track, delusional. Apparently delusional was for Raekwon. They all hit Mr.Nickz off properly.

Basically, I’m proud of Mr.Nickz, as cheesy as it might sound. I am truly grateful to be a part of his project and hopefully future ones as well. He’s a great example of the word “grind” and the definition of  a “real” M.C. Keep your eyes and ears open for the “nickztape” volume one.  And  if you ever get a chance to work with him or even just meet the season vet., you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


peace, love, and dope beats

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