Pounds and Hugs, Love is Love Kid

Posted: February 5, 2009 in hip hop, Uncategorized

Its been a minute since I wrote something. Maybe because I’ve been uninspired or maybe I’m just been lazy. since Valentines day is around the corner, I thought I’d do a little something for it. As for me, yes I am a hopeless romantic and I am a sucker for a good love song. But shit, I’m no spring chicken. And as I grow older my chances of romance are becoming slim to none. well it just seems that way to me. Most of my friends are in relationships, married and starting families. Kudos to all of them, most of them seem relatively happy. But I’m not going to air their business out on here anyways. Its not like I am choosing to be single or I haven’t tried to meet anyone. I’ve done match.com, that site is tough. Most of the girls I’m interested have a  six foot height requirement and a salary requirement of $100,000 a year. so it looks like I’m to short and broke. Then they match me with these South Jersey hags with blown out hair.  I don’t have strict requirements, I just atleast have to be attracted to you and we take it from there. Shit, I’ll date a girl that works at Burger King. I gaurntee she busts her ass there. Plus I love that flame broiled goodness.  If you got any suggestions for me or friends, get at me. Being gay seems like a lot of work too. Most gay man I come in contact with are in real good shape and have a real good fashion sense. I’d be in a lot of trouble. So to you all, Happy Valentines day. Here’s  The Wunderground’s official play list for Valentines Day.

1. Common – The Light

2. Jaylib – Starz

3. Jay Z – Anything

4. Pharaoh Monch – The Light

5. The Roots – Got Me

6. Jodeci feat. Wu-Tang – Freakin You

7. Da Ranjaz Feat Cee Lo – Aspire

8. Method Man feat. Mary J Blidge – All That I need

9. Ghostface Killah Feat Mary J. Blidge – All That I Got is You

10. D’angelo – Dreamy Eyes(Premier rmx)

11. DMX Feat. Aaliyah – Comeback in One Peace (nothing says love like DMX)

12. Common –  Come Close

Sometimes it just takes a good woman to get you by

Sometimes it just takes a good woman to get you by

I’m sure there are others. This is just what came to me. Send me your suggestions.

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