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Video of the Day is brought to you by The Snow Goons. Man if you don’t know these guys, get familair quick. Reef on the rhymes, Goons on the beat. Nuff said.  Keep your eyes and ears open cause Philly  has got the hot shit coming out.

Joe Budden – Padded Room

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Here’s a review of the latest Joe Budden album. This is curtsy of my man Sherman over at Show some love and peep the blog.

where will it tickle you?

where will it tickle you?

padded room

A History Of Violence

A History Of Violence

Yeah, I’m a little late on the review, like 2 months, but fuck it. I’ll keep it short and sweet. This is definitely text book JMT. Nothing real fancy. No bells and Whistles. Just punch you in the face hip hop. But maybe thats what the album is lacking. They stick to there original recipe, but why not start to experiment a little(no homo). They’ve built a solid fan base and by this point I don’t think the fans will be leavinfg anytime soon.  Thats just me though. The guest appearances were ok. The one that stood out was King Magnetic on track “God Flesh.” He’s been putting in his work now, glad to see him getting his respect. Production was solid through and through. Lyrically, Vinnie Paz always kills. But he seemed a little more laid back. If I recall correctly, there was no gay bashing.  Vinnie, are you getting soft on us? For the new JMT, I wouldn’t recommend this. Cop Violent by Design or my favorite, Visions Of Ghandi. For the old sschool fan like myself, you’ll feel the need to get it regardless. For 10 bucks on itunes, its worth it.

peace, love and dope beats


J-dilla – Won’t do

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The video of the day is brought to you by J-dilla and his track,  “won’t do.” Its another banger from the “d” native. Man, I really miss this guy. His music was so unique and inspiring. I want to jump on the turntables and mpc when I hear his music. Enjoy.

this is the video find of the day. I’ll be trying to post one everyday for your pleasure. Sick video, dope beat.


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white in the 09


another new year is coming to a close. What a year 2008 was.