T.R.A.C.- Free dowloand

Posted: January 21, 2009 in hip hop, Uncategorized
BK's finest

BK's finest

Here’s a most download from my man T.R.A.C. A veteran in the game from my favorite borough, Brooklyn. I stumbled across this guy’s  myspace profile back in 2004. we clicked instantly. We shared the same love for hip hop and our views of hip hop and the future were almost identical. T.R.A.C. represents everything that I love about hip hop, dope lyrics, beats, contents, the message, and the muthafucker has a good time doing it. Like most “indie” or “underground” artists, he struggle to use hip hop as a means of supporting himself. And as you listen and get into Mr. Nicohlas’ mind, you might ask yourself “Why ain’t this dude getting any love?” Politics people! All the talent in the world doesn’t mean shit. But this hasn’t detoured T.R.A.C. from plugging away. Yes, I might be a little bias when it comes to his music. Yes, he is a dear friend of mine, but on the real, Mr.Nickz is nice on the M-I-C. After years of harassing him, T.R.A.C has been kind enough to bless me and my wunderground readers some throw back joints of his. My favorite is Burgundy, with season veteran Dj/producer I-Cue. Just a feel good catchy joint.  Now this is just a little tastes of what is to come. He’s up in Toronto right now, hittin the studio hard and grinding away on the “Nixtape.” I heard a few tracks on it already, and I’d be “delusional” to say that this won’t be a classic. So download away and enjoy. You can check TRAC out and some of his other joints at http://www.myspace.com/trac

Download here:


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