Destroy and Rebuild

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Uncategorized


Thank you George W. Bush. Yes I said thank you. Why you ask? Because it took a person like George W. Bush and his administration to run a country as good as America into the ground.  It only took him 8 years to do it too. That’s amazing considering how long it took Rome to fall. But its a time like this,  a time of no hope, a time of disparity, a time of economic fail to have a leader like Barack Obama rise above it all.  Obama has inspired an entire generation to get out and take action. There are people in other countries dancing in the streets as we speak. Obama has given hope when all else has seemed to fail us. President Obama has the power to change the entire world. The power to change the image of America. I know there are some great expectations out there, but for me I realize everything will not be fixed over night. They might not even be fixed in the next four years. But what Obama does represent, for all you disbelievers and “haters”, is  the light at the end of a 8 year long tunnel. This is all kind of surreal for me.

I’m not one for politics, but as I sit here a listen to our new President, I can’t help but feel a little more positive about this country I love and its future. America, by no means is perfect. But for me I couldn’t picture myself living anywhere else. Barack Obama got millions of others to get off their asses and vote, even yours truly. That says a lot right there. I’m guessing this is what people felt when John F. Kennedy was elected president. But on a side note, what if the Bush administration was a success? Would this all be as big of a deal as it is? Would Bush, on this day, would he just be passing the torch of a republican regime?  America’s first black president is a big deal, I just have some questions in my head.

So again,  thank you George W. Bush for destroying the America of the past, and god damn it, thank you Barack Obama, for the kick start of a new and stronger America of the future. 09 is off to a great start.


shout out to Omid Malekan for the video.

  1. Well said – I don’t think there has been tougher time / rougher road for a new president, but the new driver (Obama) seems sharp enough to get things in the right direction.
    I can say this: I never felt such confidence in a president then I do now with Obama in office – very amped fo 09′

    *Other side of the coin:
    It easy to bash GWB, but what he was dealt in his term (911), I don’t think there’s a play by play book on how to fix America after an event such as that. You have to respect him because he did draw a line in the sand after 911, and everyone wanted blood (no matter the cost). But did he draw the line in the right sand box? I think the American people think that they know that answer.

    Plus you have to go after everyone who also served in his term as well – VP, Sectary of State, etc.

    I think after 20 years – people will be surprised how he will be viewed.

    Kenny Kash 242

    • djrekon says:

      It is easy to bash on G.W. He was clearly the puppet of something greater than himself. His approval rating has been the lowest of any other president, even Nixon. Its easy to bash G.W. because he made it that way. Who can say 911 would have happen if Bush was not it power. A lot of things to scratch your head about.

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