Your Favorite Rapper Is Gay

Posted: January 14, 2009 in hip hop, Uncategorized

Thanks to for posting my last Blog on there forum. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from it. Thanks to all that read this.

Recently Kanye West said he’d like to pose nude.  Uh Oh! He most be gay, right? Cause that’s what gays do right? Hip Hop is definitely guilty of gay bashing. I too am guilty of using slender like, “that shit is gay” , “stop being a fag, dude”, and so on. Prison rape is what keeps me out of jail. Its gotten to the point where I’ve seen a gay awareness commercial with Wanda Sikes. Deep down I don’t hate homosexuals. I have no problem with their life style. Shit, let gays get married. They’re entitledto the same right as everyone else. Is the word “faggot” any different than the word “nigger” , “cracker”, or “spic?” All promote the use of hate, close mindedness, and bigotry . I know for myself, I could never turn my back on anyone just because of their sexual preference. Though if they chose to disregard my space and cross a line, thats another thing.

Hip Hop is a dominated “Alpha Male” genre of music, even more so then Hardcore music.  A lot of battle rhyme disses are geared towards sexual preference. Most rappers don’t want to be called gay and might take serious disrespect towards it. Maybe all those girl in their videos are just signs of over compensation? I’m not gay. I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I never tried nor will I ever. I love woman too much. But I can say that a guy is good looking without feeling uncomfortable.

You have to look at the probability of it, there has to be atleast 2 top selling artists in Hip Hop that still haven’t come out of the closet yet, that goes for RnB too. If Nas was gay, would his street cred be reuined? If  Dipset was really talking about sex with man when they did push it. Or Clipse with “Grindin.?”  would these guys have lose fan base? Most certainly. Their record sales would be affected too. I’m sure a lot of Yankee fans did not like A-Rod because they thought he was gay. On the other hand if a rapper was talking about having sex with this and that girl, I could see how a fan might feel lied too.

“Its in the Bible” ” homosexuality is wrong”, “The Koran says it too.” Personally, I hate religon. Its started some of the biggest wars ever, but thats another topic. Anyways, I’m not here to preach about how “open minded” I am and how perfect my shit is. Honestly, I really don’t have a point to this story. I’m just trying to bring a different thought pattern to hip hop, maybe make aware of something you never thought about. I try to work on myself everyday.

Its so much easier to label some one,  than to get to know them.

check the forum for some more insite


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