Don’t know how to act?

Posted: January 13, 2009 in hip hop, Uncategorized

As I continue this Blog, I like to search the world wide web for inspiration. Checking out different hip hop sites, forums, and myspace pages. I recently became a member at outs to Adam and Adam). Its specifically designed for Joe Budden fans, haters and curious on lookers like myself. The thing that caught me, is there are some serious and active users on there which is great.  So I check out some of the forum posts and stumbled upon a post about “wiggers.” I also wondered what the hip hop community thought of this term. what does this term really mean? Within the post a couple of users posted videos of white youths doing  “black things” like freestyling in front of their web came and dressing up in all red throwing gangs signs with dipset in the background, that was actually kind of funny.

It brought me to this thought. What does the hip hop community feel about Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz. Both being prominent figures in the Indie Hip Hop world and moving serious units. I posted that question on and here are some of the reactions.

User Steve_O

“If a black kid grows up in a suburban neighborhood and speaks “white” does that make him an uncle tom? Some people are so insecure with themselves that they feel the need to hate another person and place labels on them just for the sake of riding out for the stereotypes they were raised to believe. It’s 09 people!”

User your h1ghn3ss

nahhh. well 2 me, they just come off as thug-ass white people.

User Sincere

im sure people will think so, they say eminem is too, i on the other hand dont see any white person as a wigger, ever

So, for the most part, the hip hop community has embraced these guys. But what about the rest of America? For me, being white, I found the most scrutiny for listening to hip hop music or any other “black” music from white people. I been called “black”, “you’re the blackest person I know”, and by my own mother that I was born the wrong race all because I listen to certain genre of music. So that black kid from Bed-Stuy wearing skinny jeans and mo hawk, is he acting white. Where do you go to get your seal of approval from? I’m still scratching my head about this. For me it just comes down to what people identify with and what they enjoy. Be who the fuck you want to be as long as you stay true to yourself. Embrace all the imperfections of someone and just think for a minute before you judge, is my house in order?  I’ll never give up my baggy jeans, I’m just a bigger dude. I love my woman with a little extra ass and curves and I’ll drink the shit out of grape soda all day. I’ll take Mobb Deep over The Strokes any day and Al Green over Neil Diamond. So if that makes me a “wigger”, so be it.

peace, love and dope beats.


check the ill bill video

  1. ThatWiggaJigga says:

    I agree- not only on the baggys, thick girls and grape soda front- but the overall message. Who is to judge what’s out of character for me except for me? Nice article dude

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